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Electrocardiogram or EKG

This simple test records the electrical activity of the heart. Electrodes are attached to the skin and are recorded by a device outside the body. The heart’s electrical impulses cause a needle to trace the heartbeat as a wavy line on a sheet of paper. Our doctors then examine and interpret the sequence of tracings to measure the rate and regularity of the heartbeat, evaluate the effect of devices or drugs used to regulate the heart, and diagnose arrhythmias.

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Stress Test
This test is performed while you are walking on a treadmill. It allows our doctors to see how well your heart pumps and to measure the heart’s ability to respond to external stress when it is made to work harder in a controlled environment. The test compares your coronary circulation while you’re at rest with your circulation doing maximum physical exercise. It also shows any abnormal blood flow to the heart muscle tissue. A stress test can help detect problems that may not show up on a resting ECG – and it can also diagnose ischemic heart disease


Our office provides diagnostic tests in-house to establish your heart health and any need for further treatment. Diagnostic services include EKG, stress tests, nuclear testing, echocardiography, vascular testing, and arrhythmia detection.

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